Isaac Mor, a rebellious and restless boy who always fought for a  better way to live and enjoy life and always did what he wished to do on his own unique way.

 I quit my job on 01.12.2016 and started full time Adventure Traveling, photography, lifestyle, and driving on a motorcycle all over the World.

As a person who loves being Outdoor Than Indoor, I let my curiosity and crazy mind to go over the limits, with no hesitation my body follows to that amazing places a few dare to go.

My main Passion is not to produce or generate money, but to create something extraordinary, with unforgettable experience through the years, only for you. The Photography will make you exited and will take you to a big journey which you could see yourself in it.  The best T-shirt and Wearable products specially designed for the Lifestyler and Adventurer people among us.

My Mission is to take you with me to my journeys, make you laugh, Inspire you to travel, dream big, show you how beautiful the world is, fill you with courage to change your life, to the people who are still Finding Themselves and to all the restless souls which the Fire is burning brightly in their Hearts.


“From the Highest To The Lowest Road In The World – On A Motorcycle”

About 40,000 Km from Europe to the Indian Himalayas and back to “Route 90”, Dead Sea, Israel.
Start date: Beginning of April 2018