Time To Fly… Africa?? Egypt?? No… No….

South East Asia?? Really? How come??? I wanted to visit Africa first….

So the thing is that me and my friends which met in Eilat planned to travel Africa first crossing from Israel to Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa . We all Applied to the Egyptian Visa they got the visa approved next day but for me the consulate said I will have to wait at least 2 weeks.

Eventually my friends went to Egypt, we all knew that I will join them the moment I get the Visa, but life has some beautiful way to change our plans. I’ve waiting more than one month with no clue when exactly I could get my visa.

I decided  not to waste my time and just go anywhere else. To be honest it was the most difficult decision where to book a flight, ohh come on when you got the hole world to go to it’s really hard to choose where to start…. Big problems Huh??

Going To Be Crazy In The Philippines

So one night I just opened the world map, closed my eyes and pointed with my finger on the map. I opened my eyes in was just near the Philippines. 5 Days later I land in Manila, Philippines 🙂 So I just land in Manila airport waiting for my passport check, suddenly my phone rings, I answer, on the other line is the consulate of Egypt.

“Hello Isaac you your Egyptian Visa is Ready you can come and pick it up, just don’t forget to bring your passport”.

Really??? Now you are calling me??? 6 Weeks later?? you told me it’s gonna take maximum 2 weeks… I just land in Manila….. Thank you but don’t thank you.

First Week In Philippines – WELCOME TO HEAVEN

(Kawasan Waterfalls, Pure Paradise)

(Kawasan Waterfalls)

(Kawasan Waterfalls)

(Tarzan In The Jungle)

(Osmenia Peak)

(Just Smile)

(Whale Shark) 

(Sunset Moments)

(Mok and Me Exploring Cebu Island)

(Way To Kawasan Waterfalls)

(Jacky, Eduard And Me, Singing “Hotel California” With This Beautiful Sunset)

(Kawasan Jungle)

(Fun Day At The Beach)

(Kawasan Waterfall)

(Do Not Bother)

(Swimming Near A Huge Sardine Group)

(Moalboal Seaside) 

Pushing The Limits To Discover New Places.

Always pushing the limits to discover new places. I always get amazed again and again by our most valuable instrument – THE HUMAN BODY that gets me wherever my mind takes me to…
Now just look at the beautiful view over Eilat City, Israel 

(View From Mount Shlomo Over Eilat City, Israel And Aqaba City, Jordan)

(A Big Storm Is Coming To The Desert, Eilat, Israel)

(Windsurfing In The Beautiful Red Sea Eilat,Israel)

(Night, Palms)