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The story begins when Isaac Mor Quit his boring job once and for all to pursue his dreams. In December of 2016 he packed the stuff that he needs for a 3 month road trip across Israel. He didn’t know the this trip would change his life and life of other people as well. His love for photography, extreme sports, cars, motorcycles and planet earth led him to a great experiences. While road tripping Israel he met other travelers that decided to travel all Africa starting from Egypt. Isaac had this strong desire to create something unique and new, which shows how beautiful the world is and how beautiful everything else looks when you take that risk, face the danger and follow your dreams.

At this point “40075trip” was officially born.

Over 1.5 months Isaac was waiting for the Egyptian visa. With a great sense of adventure as always he took the world map, closed his eyes, pointed on the map, his finger was just near Philippines. 5 Days later he was in the Philippines diving with whale sharks, with no return ticket back home.

Buying a motorcycle on the first day in Vietnam was the beginning of the real big  adventure. Totally riding 13,000 Km in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Climbing mountains, crossing huge rivers, diving and photographing spectacular pictures which eventually inspired a lot of people worldwide. 

Isaac’s biggest drive along the way was the people he met and the people who contacted him via the sharing platforms. Not only by telling his story but the drive, courage, inspiration and confidence people got from his actions and photography were the best motivation to continue further.

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